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Conversation Hearts Mini Candle Tins

Conversation Hearts Mini Candle Tins

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NOTICE: Mi Cielo, Mi Croqueta, and No Me Jodas, have been changed for this year and are not the same as last year... Scent descriptions have been revised to reflect the new scent.

Changing the conversation for Valentine’s Day

 I've always loved the cute conversation hearts I see every Valentine's season. 

 But I wanted to see something more familiar.  I created these conversation candy heart candles to represent my Cultura.

This limited-edition sampler pack includes 6, 2oz samples of our Valentine candles.
Snuggled in this adorable cotton bag with our conversation candy hearts on it.

Please note this is a limited edition and once they're gone, they will not be restocked.
Our mini candle tin gift set is perfect for taking on the go. Easy to pack in your suitcase without the worry of glass breaking. Simply place the tin on a heat-resistant surface, light the wick, and enjoy the ambiance as the wonderful scent fills the room.
The set includes the following scents and a gift bag.

Corazón de Melón is a term that can encompass many people. It can be your significant other, your kids, grandparents, friends even your pet!

This scent: Corazón de Melón is a delicious fusion of honeydew, cantaloupe, and sweet candied watermelon Infused with refreshing Cucumber.

Besos: We can all use more Besos in our lives. We use it as a greeting, to show affection for friends, family, and especially for your special someone. You know the one that gives you the beso that leaves your heart beating out of your chest and filled with love.

The scent: Besos is a passionate fragrance that speaks to the romantic heart in everyone. with base notes of raspberry, pineapple, and an exotic blend of florals to spark your emotions. 

Mi Cielo:  is a term of endearment to express your deep love. It alludes that they are like heaven.

The scent: Strawberries and cream. A delicious blend of juicy red Strawberries dipped in a silky smooth whipped cream.

 Mi Croqueta: Because croquetas are a love language all their own.

The scent: Endless Love Victoria's Secret type* A delicate blend of fruity florals, Lily, rose and jasmine marry sweet juicy notes of apple, peach, and a hint of citrus with a sweet woodsy musky background.

Mi Espumita: Some would argue that cafecito just is not the same without espumita. Who is the espumita to your cafecito?

The scent: Espumita is the enticing aroma of Cuban coffee and sugar whipped into a delicious creamy foam (different from our cafe con leche scent)

 No me Jodas: Because sometimes not being bothered is the best gift you can receive. Grab a glass of wine and have some me time. 

The scent: Rosè wine You can smell the bubbles of this sparking pink wine with notes of raspberries, mandarin citrus blend, and delicate florals

Note: These scents are our interpretations.
2oz tin 2 1/2” x 3/4”
Burn time approximately 10-15hrs
Shipping: All orders are processed within 1 to 2 weeks prior to shipping. 
PLEASE NOTE. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final, there are no returns or exchanges.

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