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Beach Day

 Feel the sand in your toes and salty sea air in your hair and take in the smell of a perfect summer day at the beach. (a best seller) 

Cactus & Sea Salt

 Your senses are tantalized with warm salty sea spray, sea greenery of cactus, kelp and sea moss and warm notes of driftwood and sunshine. All this laid on a background of crisp, clean air. 

French Lavender

 Endless fields of classic French lavender in bloom on a spring day. The floral beauty is reminiscent of the true essential oil and its gorgeous soothing aroma captivates the soul.

Lemongrass Kiwi

 A refreshing uplifting blend of Lemongrass and a juicy kiwi.

Mango Papaya

 A mouth watering blend of juicy Mango chunks and succulent papaya completes this tropical delight.


 In this sweet floral fragrance, inspired by the tropics, alluring plumeria blossoms. 


Toasted Woods

 The tantalizing smell reminiscent of gentle, dusky breezes, wind-blown leaves, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, and musk with a background containing tiny hints of roasted marshmallows 

Smoldering Wood

 This smoky wood scent will send you back to summer nights around the bonfire, warm and inviting with a hint of the outdoors. A true crackling wood fire with notes of cedar, oak, and musk.