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Café con Leche Candle

Café con Leche Candle

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Café con Leche reminds me of childhood in general. Nowadays people think it's crazy to give a 5-year-old Cuban coffee, but that is what we had! My husband would have it as a child with his father as a Saturday morning tradition which we now have with our son.

My grandfather would make it in his special metal tacita. That thing was old but I remember having the best café con Leche, especially while dunking my Cuban bread or crackers in it like my own soggy cereal. Luckily my Tia Norma was able to carry on his tradition and makes the best café con leche... bold, sweet with a pisco of salt.

Café con Leche scent description:
This candle takes you through the aromatic journey of café con leche. It starts with the unmistakable scent that fills the air with robust bold thick cafecito that first trickles into the cafetera, then brings in the warmed milk and sugar balanced with a pinch of salt. Perfect for any time of day.

Net Wt. 7.5oz 

Burn Time: 40-50 hrs

Dimensions:  3 1/4" diam. x  3 7/8"  high

Note: This is our interpretation of what Café con Leche Smells like.


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