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Cultura y Tradiciones Candle

Cultura y Tradiciones Candle

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Cultura y Tradiciones

Cultura y Tradiciones perfectly encapsulates the multifaceted, yet richness of Hispanic culture with an invigorating aroma of zesty tangerines and sun-kissed, tropical mangoes that provide a refreshing twist. The fragrance harmoniously symbolizes the variety and unity within the Hispanic community. The artwork, designed by Fanesha Fabre, tells a visual story capturing the essence of Latin culture in a lively, colorful tableau. Through her art, Fabre encapsulates the commonalities that bring us together including: dance, an expression of joy and tradition, and instruments like guitars lend a musical note to the atmosphere, underscored by the rhythmic shake of maracas; delicious foods that entice the senses, including popular bites among the Latin culture such as avocados and plantains; the game of dominos, nodding to the popular pastimes of our papis and abuelos; a cafetera, symbolic of the iconic rich coffee culture; and vibrant, colorful flowers and plants add a lush, tropical touch. Overall, the candle is a dynamic and vivid celebration of the various elements that make Latin culture so rich and diverse.

Cultura y Tradiciones scent description:

The lively aroma of tangerine takes center stage, its vibrant citrus notes intermingling with the sweetness of ripe mango. Together, they create a symphony of fragrance that is invigorating, refreshing, and undeniably uplifting.

Net Wt. 7.5oz 

Burn Time: 40-50 hrs

Dimensions:  3 1/4" diam. x  3 7/8"  high

Note: This is our interpretation of Cultura y Tradiciones scent.

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