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Lechón Candle Tin Refill

Lechón Candle Tin Refill

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Lechón Candle Tin Refill:
Our Lechón Candle Tin Refill is a tribute to the heartwarming essence of a cultural feast. This Lechon Candle Tin is designed to seamlessly replenish your "Cajita Caliente" candle, ensuring the festivity never fades. Now, you can experience it in a variety of delectable scents:

Arbolito: Immerse yourself in the refreshing aroma of pine trees, reminiscent of a tranquil forest, to add a touch of natural elegance to your celebration.
Coquito: Transport your senses to the tropical paradise with the creamy and exotic fragrance of Coquito, the beloved Puerto Rican holiday beverage.
Crema de Vie: Enjoy the decadent scent of Crema de Vie, a delicious Cuban eggnog, filling your space with the essence of indulgence and celebration.
Leña: Capture the smoky, woody aroma of a crackling fire, reminiscent of celebratory pig roasts from around the world.
Noche Buena: This scent embodies the festive spirit of Christmas Eve with its spicy and warm notes, evoking cherished holiday traditions.

A Delight in Every Scent:

The Lechón Candle Tin celebrates the art of roasting a pig while allowing you to choose the perfect scent to accompany your celebration. Whether you prefer the refreshing pine scent of Arbolito or the warm, spicy notes of Noche Buena, this tin lets you customize your experience.

How to Use:
1. Place the refill candle tin inside your "Cajita Caliente" candle box.
2. Ignite the wick and allow the candle to burn. As it melts, the delightful scent will fill your space, reigniting the ambiance.
3. Continue to savor the spirit of celebration on any occasion.

Note: These are our interpretations of the scents listed above.
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PLEASE NOTE... Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final there are no returns or exchanges.
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