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Albisa Candles

Mal de Ojo Candle Tin Bundle

Mal de Ojo Candle Tin Bundle

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Mal de Ojo Candle Tin Bundle
Growing up I remember my mom would always prepare the house for the new year and one of the main things she would do was to "clean"  the house. Not just physically but spiritually cleanse our home. She would use Sage to help remove any negative energy.

Our Mal de ojo bundle is perfect for not only the end of the year but any time you need to remove the negative energy from your home, office, or personal space.
The Artroom x Albisa candle in our new white tin bundle is perfect to start the new year right. Use the sage to get that negative energy flowing away from you! Then light this candle and continue to envision todo lo malo being pushed in the opposite direction as you enjoy the beautiful Dulce Fuego aroma.

The bundle includes:
1 Mal de Ojo candle tin scented in Dulce Fuego, 1 Hamsa-shaped soap scented in Dulce Fuego, 1 California white sage smudge stick, 1 care card, and a gift box.
Scent Description:
Dulce Fuego Is a woodsy aroma with warm spices, charred leaves, a musky cedar and sandalwood, and a touch of smokey sage with a hint of brown sugar to add a kiss of sweetness. 

Note: This is our interpretation of what Dulce Fuego smells like.

Our candle tins are perfect for taking on the go. Easy to pack in your suitcase without the worry of glass breaking. Simply place the tin on a heat-resistant surface, light the wick and enjoy the ambiance as the wonderful scent fills the room.
White 8oz tin
5.5oz net weight 3” x 2”
Burn time approximately 35hrs

Shipping: All orders are processed within 1 to 2 weeks prior to shipping. 

PLEASE NOTE. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final, there are no returns or exchanges.
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