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Pipo wax melt

Pipo wax melt

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I remember watching my Abuelo shave. I was always fascinated by how he handled the blades and did not cut himself. The best part was the delicate smell of the shaving cream. The sweet scent always lingered in the bathroom long after he was done.

When I first smelled this blend I created, I teared up and the memory of my Abuelo came rushing in.

Our wax melts are perfect for your home, office, or any place where lighting a candle may not be an option. Simply break off a cube and place it into an appropriate warmer. As the cube begins to melt it gradually fills your room with a delightful aroma.

Scent Description:
PIPO is a freshly shaved clean scent. it has notes of talcum rum and amber. It smells just like Pipo's shaving cream.

Note: This is our interpretation of what Pipo Smells like.

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